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D-Link DCS-2332L Wireless HD N Outdoor Network Camera

The DCS-2332L is an outdoor IP camera that can stand up to the elements, but its image quality is underwhelming
The DCS-2332L is designed for outdoor use, and like D-Link’s other IP cameras, integrates with the mydlink platform. Its surprisingly small for an outdoor camera, and its vertical design makes it look like an indoor model – most outdoor cameras are tubular designs. The DCS-2332L is weatherproof so it can handle being left out in the rain, and is dust resistant.

Rather than using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), as is sometimes the case with outdoor cameras, the DCS-2332L is powered from the mains and the cable itself is sealed into the camera. Its not particularly long so you might need to factor in an extension lead when mounting the camera.
You can either plug the camera into your router with an Ethernet cable or use push-button WPS to connect to a wireless network. The latter method worked for us without a hitch. If you do use a wired connection, an Ethernet cable is included and with a weatherproof seal on the camera end’s plug to keep the elements out.

Specifications :
Sensor: 1/4in CMOS, Viewing angle: Horizontal 57.8 degrees, Vertical 37.8 degrees, Diagonal 66 degrees, Video recording frame rates: All (30fps), Night vision mode: Infrared LEDs, Size (HxWxD): 210x140x94mm, Weight: 235g, Warranty: One year RTB