SSD Team 256GB PD 200 Portable Drive USB 3.0

SSD Team 256GB PD 200 Portable Drive USB 3.0


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The 1.8-inch PD200 portable SSD features a built-in flash memory, and uses a new generation of USB 3.0 transmission interface, which brings ultra high speed beyond imagination.
Available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities, the PD200 is only the size of a name card, merely 8.6mm in thickness.
The PD200 comes in black and blue, and the frame ring in bold and dazzling yellow is also eye-catching.
The leather gives a meticulous touch, with anti-slip, wear-resistant, and anti-fingerprint features.
Moreover, a storage holster is included for your unlimited enjoyment.

– Ultra lightweight
– Ultra-High-Speed Transmission Experience
– Large Capacity and High CP Index
– Fine Grade Leather Texture
– LED Indicator

Brand: Team Group
Series: PD200
Model: T8F2D2256GMC102

Form Factor: 1.8″
Capacity: 256GB
Interface: USB 3.0

Max Sequential Read: Up to 250 MBps
Max Sequential Write: Up to 100 MBps

In line with the high-speed USB 3.0 transmission specifications, and compatible with the USB 2.0 transmission specifications.
Equipped with SSD, with low-temperature resistance, mute, anti-shock, and low power consumption features.
The name card size is ultimately lightweight and easy to carry.
Anti-slip, wear-resistant, and anti-fingerprint.
Supports hot-swappable; plug and use.
LED indicator.

Dimensions & Weight
Width: 53.8mm
Depth: 93.0mm
Height: 8.6mm
Weight: 36g